Beograd Velograd is an international bicycle festival in Belgrade, Serbia. Its aim is to make Belgrade a better, safer, cleaner, happier and less noisy city. We think that the best, easiest and cheapest way to achieve that is by having more people use a bicycle as a means of transport.

The festival is free and open for all those interested and involved in cycling. To improve the city everybody has its own role: citizens, decision-makers, public institutions, NGOs, activists, companies and politicians. Beograd Velograd offers a platform for all these actors to get together, meet each other, discuss, share experiences, learn, have fun and enjoy.

We believe that cycling is for everyone!

The festival’s main public event is the ‘Orange Bike Ride’.

Each year we organize a big group-ride with everybody in Belgrade who wants to join us. People are asked to dress up in Orange and in this way we ‘paint’ the streets of Belgrade with a 1000 orange cyclist and celebrate cycling in the city!

Check out this site and our Facebook page to get all information.

Cycling is fun, bikes are cool and cycling is for everyone! There is so much more to cycling than just sports or recreation.

And everybody visiting the festival will have the chance to win a beautiful and unique bike!

More information soon!

Beograd Velograd is organized by the Belgrade-based association ‘VELOGRAD’ and supported by the Embassy of Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Ride on!

Beograd Velograd Bicycle Festival: Powered by Holland